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30 Apr 2013


Truluck restaurant in Miami, Florida’s Brickell, is the most overrated, overpriced restaurant in the entire city. In short it is a rip-off with stodgy food harboring haute cuisine pretensions. I recently went to this restaurant with 4 people and was not impressed.

I ordered shrimp and fries and was not happy with the meal (probably would have gotten more out of a happy meal). Not only was the meal salty, they gave me enough fries to start my own McDonalds, accented by 6 sodium laced, dry, breaded shrimp.  I had a slice of keylime pie for desert, because really, who could get that wrong and they did. It was the worst I’d ever had. It was way too tart with an acidic after taste. I couldn’t finish it. My portion of the bill came to $50 for what I could have bought in the frozen section of a supermarket for $10 (and it would taste better too). I don’t like to go to a restaurant and walking away thinking I could have cooked the meal better.

The other people in my party were completely ripped off. Truluck’s menu has prices without decimal points and contains deceptive pricing (one would think with the manner in which Truluck overcharges they could afford decimal points). Not to mention, it is so dark in Truluck you need a flashlight to read the menu properly. This all set the stage for the perfect rip off.

My dinner companions ordered lobster and were completely ripped off. The way the menu words it, one is led to believe each lobster is $38.00. However, you need a lawyer to read the fine print, because in actuality they are selling it per pound and will bring you a lobster three times the size of the one advertised on the menu. This results in each lobster coming in at $90 a piece.

Even when you ask the waitress about the pricing before ordering, as the menu is dodgy and dubious, she propagates the price deception. Truluck also does not inform you gratuity is mandatory and after they inflate your bill with brazen price gouging, the tip alone will be $80.

What should have been a $250.00 bill came to $550.000 after the deceptive pricing and hidden add-ons. I’ve eaten in some of the best restaurants in America, Britain and Jamaica, some bearing Michelin stars and never have I had such a terrible dining experience. If you’re going to rip people off, at least make sure the food is good. You’d be better off going to the Cheesecake Factory or Captain Jims in Miami, as they have way better food at lower prices.

The troubling thing about Truluck is it is located on a busy Miami street, Brickell Avenue, which is home to hotels frequented by tourists, who are going to get ripped off. Other diners were not amused with the pricing and one went outside to complain about the rip-off prices. People don’t mind paying for good food, but folks take exception to being deceived and ripped off. I’ve eaten in some of the best restaurants in America, Britain and Jamaica and never encountered anything like this.

To make matters worse, hours after we left the restaurant, one of the diners in my party became sick with stomach pains after consuming the food at Truluck. Do yourself a favor and avoid this restaurant.

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