Sally Hansen Hair Remover Wax Strip Kit For Face, Brows & Bikini

aisha | Reviews
31 Jul 2013


“Sally Hansen Wax Strips Hair Remover Kit For Face, Brows & Bikini” bills itself a hair removal product with results lasting up to 8-weeks. However, this product is average and uncomfortable on the skin. The wax strips are somewhat messy and sometimes does not grab the hair correctly, either breaking it off, rather than removing it from the root – or removing some hair and leaving a few strands.

When working on delicate areas such as the eye brows, this can damage the skin if you reapply a wax strip too quickly. This product, made for eye brows and bikini lines, warns you not to use it twice on the same area in a 24-hour time frame, as irritation could occur and or it will take off some of your skin. Therefore, if it doesn’t do the job thoroughly the first time, you’ll have to wait a couple days to try again, which is inconvenient. Some Sally Hansen products work well, but this one needs improvement due to the fact the results do not last very long and it can create skin irritation.

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