Toshiba Satellite Laptops

aisha | Reviews
3 Apr 2012

The Toshiba Satellite laptop line is a good economic value, especially if you are on a budget and in these tough times, who isn’t. Units begin at approximately $400.

They have a pleasing appearance and a fairly good amount of processing power. Toshiba Satellites are good for processing documents, blogging, watching movies and shows, playing video games and burning CDs and DVDs.

Drawbacks are they could be a bit lighter, which is something Toshiba has been improving on over the years with newer models of the Satellite. After owning three Satellites over the past 8-years, one can see the vast improvements that have been made over time.

Another recommendation is to purchase a laptop cooler (laptop mat with fan) to go with this unit. It will keep the unit cooler and prevent overheating, which can cause the battery to become hot.

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