Trendnet Router (TEW-711BR)

aisha | Reviews
31 Mar 2014


TRENDnet Router

The TRENDnet Router is a low priced router that allows wireless internet capabilities in a home or office. The router works well enough. However, signing up and protecting your internet connection via TRENDnet is time consuming and difficult. The router starts off as “unsecured” until you walk through the numerous steps to “secure” your connection, in an attempt to protect it from hackers or any other individuals using it without permission.

Emailing customer service/tech support did not result in a lucid response, but a botched email answer that was missing text. Telephoning TRENDnet tech support was time consuming as well. TRENDnet needs to do more to simplify the process of protecting the router’s connection, as there are loopholes hackers can easily exploit to corrupt and sabotage their product. Just ask Madonna’s Kabbalah Center whose hackers illegally did just that.

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