Flash N Go

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31 Oct 2014


Flash N Go

The Flash N Go hair removal system was heavily advertised in the earlier part of the year. It uses concentrated light for hair removal. The Flash N Go system costs approximately $200-$300 and results vary. Many people who have tried the product and uploaded their results online via pictures and or videos, experienced on average 30-40% permanent hair removal in the targeted areas.

Concerns with this products include the fact the manual states it is not for use on the face, yet a number of people on You Tube are using it on their faces (eyebrows ect). When you check with the manufacturer, their explanation is the “manual is old and outdated.”

However, for those who’ve had professional laser hair removal, the doctor and the patient wear protective eye-wear/goggles. Flash N Go should add a pair of protective goggles to this product. Flash N Go is also not for every skin tone.

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