Clean + Easy Deluxe Home Electrolysis

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30 Nov 2014


Clean-Easy-Deluxe-Home-ElectrolysisClean + Easy Deluxe Home Electrolysis

Clean + Easy Deluxe Home Electrolysis is a home kit for hair removal. Many people have indicated the product is difficult to use, painful and leaves holes in the skin (healing time varies). Any product that can damage the skin is dangerous and to be avoided. It’s a risky product to use.

The product’s labeling indicates it leaves sores and pot marks that heal in five days after use, but others have experienced these marks and scarring much longer. It can also create discoloration (red or brown marks on the skin, depending on your skin tone).

The site does not endorse this product and warns against people sharing it with others or reselling it when dissatisfied, as it contains needles that can spread disease if not properly cleaned.

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