Samsung Galaxy Ace 4 Lite Mobile Phone

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30 Nov 2015


Samsung Galaxy Ace 4 Lite

The Samsung Galaxy Ace 4 Lite is a handy little smart phone, great for everyday use and traveling (it is compatible with mobile phone carriers and systems in many countries, by simply obtaining and inserting a foreign sim card). The Ace 4 Lite comes loaded with many apps, a camera with a good resolution/picture quality, 4 GB of space and easy to use internet features.

The only item that initially proved a bit difficult is the automatic lock-screen feature that was on from the moment phone service was connected. The lock-screen feature disengages with a double tap, but quickly reengages. As with many smart phones the touchscreen is sensitive. Hence the automatic lock-screen immediately engaging to prevent accidental phone calls. However, by tapping the bottom right icon (that resembles a square of dots) then going to “settings” and choosing the “lock screen” feature you can adjust it to your preference.

Overall, I’m happy with this purchase. I wanted a phone for travel and it has worked very well. I’ve used the phone for months and found it useful, practical and entertaining.

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