Flash N Go Home Laser Hair Removal Kit – Product Review #2 (Update)

aisha | Reviews
30 Jun 2016

flash-n-go-6-30-16Flash N Go

This is a follow up to the Consumer News Reviews website’s original review of Silkn Flash N Go laser home hair removal kit. After using the product for a while longer, I have seen significant hair removal results. However, I have noticed consumers are still complaining the Flash N Go has left them with burns. Some burns can result in discoloration. It means the product should not be used at its highest of three settings.



Consumers online complained of burns from Flash N Go

Women should still be careful of using Flash N Go or any home laser hair removal system on genital areas, as it could impact fertility, especially with frequent use. More studies need to be done in this regard. Consumers should still purchase a good pair of goggles or glasses meant to block out laser light.

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