GiGi Strip Free Hair Removal Wax

aisha | Reviews
31 Aug 2016

gigi-strip-free-wax-8-31-16-1GiGi Strip Free

The product description for GiGi Strip Free microwave hair removal wax states, “GIGI Strip Free Microwave Formula is a hard wax that becomes soft and pliable, peeling off easily, leaving smooth, hair-free skin. No muslin strips needed.” However, when you open the package and read the instructions, it states you need wax strips. This was confusing. There is also no applicator included in the package.

Furthermore, this wax is not easy to work with once it is on the skin. The wax hardens far too quickly and with a tough adhesive grip that can be very difficult and painful to remove. The instructions don’t indicate how long is too long or just how difficult the wax will be to remove. The instructions simply state, “If wax is left on skin too long, it becomes brittle and hard to remove.”

You can use oil to remove the excess from some wax brands, but it does not work with GiGi Strip Free. In the event of an emergency, you can gently reheat the hardened, difficult to remove wax on your skin by pointing a blow dryer in the direction of the area of your body containing the wax, being careful not to burn yourself, but no product should require such drastic measures. In short, GiGi Strip Free microwave hair removal wax needs work. This product can prove problematic and a dangerous skin irritant.


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