Valeria Soltanik (Dentist)

aisha | Reviews
3 Oct 2016

Valeria Soltanik is not a good dentist

Be careful regarding using the services of Miami dentist Valeria Soltanik. She is unethical, financially greedy, untrustworthy and a dishonest dentist. I do not advise the public use Valeria Soltanik’s dental services. She is not a good dentist. I have sat in her dental office and heard as she shook down other clients for money and it was disgraceful.

I’ve also heard another patient screaming in pain in an adjoining room and wondered why she did not properly sedate the elderly woman for the procedure. In a separate incident, she also did dental work for my mother and did such an extremely poor and terrible job that another dentist not affiliated with Soltanik had to correct it.

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