Copper Chef

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31 Jan 2017

copper-chef-1-31-17-1Copper Chef

The Copper Chef is a multi-purpose cooking pan, created to act as, “A steamer, stockpot, wok, baking dish, roasting pan and rice cooker.” The manufacturer states it is safe for oven use up to 800 degrees Fahrenheit.

The pan is billed as non-stick, which is more or less true. However, I have found in some circumstances it does stick a bit, depending on what is being cooked. The pot’s surface is not scratch resistant. The handle of the pot’s lid can also become hot while cooking. Therefore, it is wise to use oven mitts when removing the lid.

The Copper Chef is a nice, attractive pot that is easy to use. However, the pot is made from copper, which I have some concerns about for a few reasons. Not enough studies have been done regarding the human effects of cooking food using copper pots, especially when heated at high temperatures.

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