Comcast Is Financially Gouging Customers

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31 Jul 2017


Comcast is a cable and internet company. Comcast is one of the most disliked and criticized companies in America. They engage in unethical business practices, such as repeatedly raising prices on services without informing customers in advance.

There are Comcast customers who are paying $70-$80 for standard DSL internet, via their Xfinity service, providing the same services other companies charge $30-$40 for in America. However, Comcast are financially gouging customers, as there are areas in America their competitors signals are too weak to cover (cheaper AT&T among others) which enables them to charge whatever exorbitant price they feel like billing.


Comcast also signs exclusive deals with housing complexes, then keeps raising their fee. As such, Comcast has the least competitive consumer rates in America and repeatedly financially gouges their customers. Many also complain of being “slammed” with services being added onto their bills they did not request. Comcast also constantly wants customers to come in for updated equipment and charges sizeable fees for home visits.

Simple online searches of the subject will reveal a host of complaints from consumers about Comcast. Congress has done a poor job regulating Comcast.  Consumers are being overcharged via ever escalating prices. It’s either that or go without internet. Do bear in mind, international governing bodies have ruled internet is a human right.

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