Nads Body Wax Strips

aisha | Reviews
30 Nov 2017


Nads Body Wax Strips is a hair removal product. Nads is made from beeswax, attached to waxing strips. Though not all-natural, Nads aims to be more natural via using less harmful ingredients than their rivals. Nads is easy to use and removing the remaining wax from the skin after hair removal is easy via the oil towelettes provided in the product.

Nads does create an effective adhesive seal with which to remove hair. However, it is best for people with finer strands or it will not grab all of the hair, necessitating reapplication to catch everything. Irritation can occur with most hair removal products if you go over the same area more than once in less than 24 hours. Nads is one of the better home hair removal products on the market.

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