Comcast (A Must Read)

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20 Nov 2012

Comcast or Concast, as in you’re going to get conned. Comcast should be labeled the kings of what is known as “slamming.” Whether it be telephone, cable or internet service, one signs up at one price and before one knows it, without one’s knowledge or consent, Comcast adds so many miscellaneous fees and applies price hikes, one’s bill has ballooned.

A number of people have complained about this problem with Comcast and the FTC needs to get on the ball regarding the issue, as they are not being properly regulated and are ripping off the American people. No wonder a recent mainstream article stated Americans are forgoing cable, as it has become too costly, especially during a financial crisis the government has not been able to remedy. How do they expect Americans to maintain or get ahead while the price of basic services are being inflated.

For example, one signs up with Comcast internet service for $29.99 per month and within four months, without informing customers at any time, the company doubles the fee, one month before the bill is even due. Now, who pays $60 per month for internet service UNLESS YOU’RE NASA.

When you sign up for Comcast’s services, they also deliberately fail to disclose additional costs they intend to hit you with, outside of the fee you have agreed to in writing, such as modem rental. A little box not even worth $5, one will be charged $7-8 per month for indefinitely, when several other companies do not engage in said practice.

If one opts for a DVR, the price one is quoted and charged is $9.99 per month. However, within a couple months, when you are not looking, the fee  is pushed up to $17.00 per month and to add insult to injury, you are not allowed to keep the unit if you leave their service.

Other cable companies allow you to keep the DVR with the programs you’ve recorded, but not Comcast. They want you to rent the DVR for the rest of your life if you want to keep what you have recorded on it. Can you say “greedy.” One would be better off buying a DVD recorder from an electronics store at that rate.

Comcast’s cable services are also subject to price hikes without your knowledge or consent. Comcast has been known to double their fees, bill one a month in advance and demand payment for the highway robbery. Comcast also charges its customers a $50.00 fee for sending technicians to address their malfunctioning services, with many stating they were not notified prior to the visit.

When confronted with these issues such as price hikes without notice or consent, a company rep simply told a customer, “That’s just how we do business.”  The second telephone representative placed a customer on hold for two minutes, then hung up.


More Americans Dropping Cable Service

PRWeb – Wed, Aug 8, 2012 – As recent article by Thompson Reuters, “Americans drop pay-TV; business matures in weak economy,” stated, “Stubbornly high U.S. unemployment, a weak housing market combined with a mature business prone to regular programming blackouts has seen more than 400,000 American homes drop their cable or satellite TV service since the start of the year.”


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